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About Us

Attollo Australia has changed its name to KAUP Australia. With this change, the business is now a 100% subsidiary of KAUP GmbH & Co, a worldwide leading producer of forklift attachments. Our name has changed, but customers can expect the same quality of customer care and innovation that made Attollo Australia’s leading independent forklift attachment provider.  KAUP Australia continues Attollo’s vision to become an integral partner by innovation, education and empowering our partners through technology.


Website with a difference

To follow through with our promise, this website is specifically designed to educate and empower forklift salesmen and end users. With numerous videos per function and Load type this site commits to being the most up to date and informative website for handling loads. You are able to easily search for a solution via the Find-a-solution button or just search for a specific load in the search field. Our trained staff are happy to help guide you through the site, just give us a call.


History of Attollo, Sattach and KAUP in Australia