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Hose and Cable Reels

CORE FUNCTION: SideshiftingSideshifting

Hose and cable reels are an important addition to any forklift when adding an additional function onto the carriage without decreasing visibility through theĀ mast. It is the most compact, easy to install and cost effective method to supply auxiliary hydraulic and electrical functions to the carriage of a forklift.

KaupĀ supplied hose and cable reels are specially designed for use on forklift trucks, hydraulic cranes and aerial work platforms. The design has minimum overall dimensions and includes twin bonded thermoplastic hoses for working pressures up to 30MPa. They are supplied with complete mounting kit and crocodile tail, to make the installation very simple and quick.

  • Hose and Cable Reels
  • Hose and Cable Reels
  • Hose and Cable Reels