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Integral Sideshift Fork Positioner

PRODUCT FAMILY: Integral Carriages

Kaup’s integral sideshift fork positioner offers the benefits of improved forklift specifications and reduced long term maintenance costs. The ability to offer a robust unit that fits standard ISO hook on forks without modification. The design offers optimised visibility and maintains maximum view through the frame for greater safety and productivity.

The ISO mounting profiles and guide profiles are manufactured from one piece which gives a high degree of rigidity. The high wear resistant sliding profiles, can when necessary, be replaced quickly and easily on site without the use of special tools. Unlike conventional fork positioners, Kaup’s model positions the fork on sliding profiles without wear and tear or damage to the forks and carriage. Keeping the forks rigid on the carriage.

  • Integral Sideshift Fork Positioner
  • Integral Sideshift Fork Positioner