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Pilot Protector

CORE FUNCTION: SideshiftingSideshifting
PRODUCT FAMILY: Can do have done

The Kaup Pilot Protector prevents the operator from falling or jumping from the truck during a roll-over and is referred to in international safety standards (ISO 3691-1) as an ‘operator restraint’.

There are two simple truths about the Pilot Protector. Firstly, its use is so natural for the operator as we expect to open and shut doors when entering or leaving a vehicle and the operator is not restricted when turning or bending in the seat. Secondly, if the gate is not latched shut, a gas strut on the Pilot Protector gate pushes it wide open and it is unlikely that the operator would drive the forklift with the gate wide open. This means that company management can easily see that the restraint system is in place and being used.

All of this is in contrast to traditional seat belts, where various electronic sensors, switches, inter-locks, sequence controls or warning lights are introduced to try to ensure that the seat belt is used – and there always seems to be a way around these devices and they need monitoring and maintenance.

  • Pilot Protector
  • Pilot Protector
  • Pilot Protector